The Hong Kong Adult Oral Health Survey – 1991: background, study population, and methods

Eli Schwarz, Edward C.M. Lo, Esmonde F. Corbet, Christopher J. Holmgren, L. P. Lim, W. Ian R. Davies

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Abstract This second adult oral health survey was conducted with the following main aims: 1) to describe the oral health conditions and to analyse the oral health care needs and demands of 65–74‐yr‐olds in Hong Kong, and to propose appropriate strategies for meeting their needs in the light of societal obligations; 2) to describe the oral health conditions and to analyse the oral health care needs and demands of 35–44‐yr‐oIds in Hong Kong with special emphasis on assessment of changes in this age group since 1984 (when the first adult oral health survey was conducted); 3) to assess the impact of sociodemographic and dental care system factors on the oral health status of selected adult age groups: and 4) to utilize survey data to refine curriculum development and research strategies in the Faculty of Dentistry, as well as in the proposal of appropriate action to governmental committees on dental health policy. For enhanced comparability with the previous study, the 35–44‐yr‐olds were selected from the same geographic areas of Hong Kong Island. Multistage cluster sampling was used to recruit the study population, defined geographic units and addresses being used as the starting‐point. A sample of 398 subjects was selected, of whom 93% were both interviewed and clinically examined. The 65–74‐yr‐olds were recruited from housing estates in all principal areas of Hong Kong, yielding a sample of 559 subjects, of whom 96% were both interviewed and clinically examined. The analysis of the data was based on the model used by the International Collaborative Study II, from which other methodologic guidance had been sought. The definitions of selected sociodemographic variables such as occupation, income, Family Material Possession Index, family support, and dental anxiety, which are relevant to the whole study, are given here.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)351-357
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JournalCommunity dentistry and oral epidemiology
Issue number5
StatePublished - Oct 1994



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