The American Psychological Association’s Hoffman report allegations of my association with the “CIA torture” program

Joseph Matarazzo

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Until now, I have not responded to the undocumented and untrue portrayal of me in the Hoffman report, or the newspaper and email accounts of my alleged role in “torture.” I have waited several years because I believed that the American Psychological Association leadership would completely disavow the Hoffman report and find a way to restore my reputation as well as that of the other former American Psychological Association presidents and the small number of its senior staff who were also falsely accused. Although this has not yet happened, I remain optimistic that it will. Here I present the facts as they relate to me.

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JournalHealth Psychology Open
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StatePublished - Jul 1 2018



  • American Psychological Association
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Hoffman report
  • Matarazzo
  • torture program

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