Expanding continuous quality improvement capacity in the medical intensive C are unit: Prehealth vo lunteers as a solution

Kelsey C. Priest, Hannah Lobingier, Nancy McCully, Jackie Lombard, Mark Hansen, Makoto Uchiyama, Daniel Hagg

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Health care delivery systems are challenged to support the increasing demands for improving patient safety, satisfaction, and outcomes. Limited resources and staffing are common barriers for making significant and sustained improvements. At Oregon Health &Science University, the medical intensive care unit (MICU) leadership team faced internal capacity limitations for conducting continuous quality improvement, specifically for the implementation and evaluation of the mobility portion of an evidence-based care bundle. The MICU team successfully addressed this capacity challenge using the person power of prehealth volunteers. In the first year of the project, 52 trained volunteers executed an evidence-basedmobility intervention for 305 critically ill patients, conducting more than 200 000 exercise repetitions. The volunteers contributed to real-time evaluation of the project, with the collection of approximately 26 950 processmeasure data points. Prehealth volunteers are an untapped resource for effectively expanding internal continuous quality improvement capacity in the MICU and beyond.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)79-84
Number of pages6
JournalQuality Management in Health Care
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2016
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  • Evidence-based bundle
  • Implementation
  • Intensive care unit
  • Prehealth students
  • Quality improvement
  • Volunteers

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