Ventilatory response in dopamine D2 receptor - Deficient mice (D2R -/-)

R. A. Juarez, C. Bryan, M. A. Kelly, D. K. Grandy, M. J. Low

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    To clarify the influence of dopamine (DA) on respiratory control we evaluated the response of awake adult mice (D2R -/-, n=9 and +/+, n=10) in a two chamber plethysmograph under normoxic, hypoxic (8%) and hypercapnic (10%) conditions. At baseline there was no difference in frequency, tidal volume or minute ventilation (VE) between D2R -/- and +/+ mice. The biphasic response to hypoxia was preserved in the D2R -/- mice. During hypercapnia ventilation was stimulated to a greater extent in the D2R -/- mice. Hypoxic Ventilatory Response Hypercapnic Ventilatory Response (Graph Presented) Seconds Seconds In summary 1.) DA acting through the D2R does not influence baseline or acute hypoxic ventilation. 2.) D2R activation blunts CO2 sensitivity during acute hypercapnia.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Pages (from-to)A979
    JournalFASEB Journal
    Issue number5
    StatePublished - Mar 20 1998

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