Use of research-based practices by oncology staff nurses.

D. N. Rutledge, P. Greene, K. Mooney, L. M. Nail, M. Ropka

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    PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES: To determine the extent to which oncology staff nurses adopted eight specific research-based practices and the impact of demographic and resource factors on adoption of these practices. DESIGN: Cross-sectional mail survey. SETTING: National. SAMPLE: 1,100. METHODS: Network sampling techniques: 2,000 Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) staff nurses were randomly and proportionally selected from seven practice setting categories; each ONS nurse was asked to recruit a non-ONS staff nurse colleague. Both groups completed the Oncology Nursing Practice Questionnaire, which measures adoption of eight research-based practices. MAIN RESEARCH VARIABLES: Extent of adoption, including awareness, persuasion, and implementation of eight specific practices; nurse demographics; and work-related resources. FINDINGS: Awareness was high, with 53%-96% of nurses reporting awareness of the eight practices. Overall, 28% were aware of all practices while 10% were aware of half or fewer. Less-aware nurses differed from other nurses in demographics and resources. Computed "extent of adoption" scores showed that almost 90% of aware nurses used seven of the practices at least sometimes. CONCLUSIONS: Oncology staff nurses with awareness of a practice were implementing the practice in their organization. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING PRACTICE: The findings establish a need for developing educational programs to enhance awareness of specific practices and to creatively reach nurses who are unlikely to seek programs outside their employing agencies.

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    JournalOncology nursing forum
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    StatePublished - Sep 1 1996

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