Tissue expansion.

N. A. Swanson, L. C. Argenta

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Controlled tissue expansion began as a concept based on primitive ideas and observations. Its application to breast reconstruction has played a major role in the tissue and psychologic rejuvenation following surgery for breast carcinoma. During the last several years, controlled expansion of tissue has been applied to many other anatomic sites treating many difficult reconstructive and excisional surgeries which heretofore were either impossible or required several stages to accomplish. As experience has grown, the use of tissue expansion has become safer and has been applied to many excisional and reconstructive efforts. The future use of tissue expansion is extremely bright and limited only by the creativity of the surgeon familiar with the technique. In the future, under study is controlled expansion of bone, of nerves, and of other body parts that may prove to be valuable in the surgeon's armamentarium. The dermatologic surgeon should become familiar with the concept and practice of tissue expansion, whether or not it is used in his or her practice. By being familiar with what the reconstructive surgeon can do with tissue expansion, the dermatologist can treat entities perhaps not otherwise treated in the past. For the dermatologist experienced in cutaneous surgery, tissue expansion can be added to his armamentarium in the treatment of male pattern baldness, some local flaps, congenital nevi and larger excisions requiring serial excision in the past as well as tattoos.

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JournalAdvances in dermatology
StatePublished - 1988

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