The murine Bis1 seizure gene and the Kcnab2 gene encoding the β2- subunit of the K+ channel are different

Patricia Zerr, Benoît Martin, John P. Adelman

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We tested the hypothesis that Bis1, a gene involved in seizure regulation in mice which has been localized to the distal part of chromosome 4, was the same as the gene Kcnab2, encoding the β2-subunit for voltage- dependent K+ channels. Two facts suggested this hypothesis: Kcnab2 is located in the 3.1-cM confidence interval containing Bis1 and many studies have shown an involvement of K+ channels in the genesis of seizures. DNA sequence analysis of the coding sequence for Kcnab2 from JE/Le mice revealed no structural alterations which might affect Kcnab2 function. However, several nucleotide changes were observed.

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StatePublished - Apr 20 2000



  • Bis1
  • Epilepsy
  • K channel
  • Kcnab2
  • Mice

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