“Successful” Treatment of Persistent Nocturnal Enuresis in an Adolescent with Graduated Night Waking

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“Craig,” a 13-year-old biracial male, presented for treatment with primary nocturnal enuresis. Historical information indicated a history of treatment failure with various psychological interventions. In the current case analysis, a “successful” intervention for the client’s presenting complaint is documented and discussed. On the basis of the client’s expressed wishes, graduated night waking was utilized as an intervention, despite the fact that he was informed of other treatments that were more likely to be successful (i.e., the urine alarm). This case highlights the importance of collaborative treatment planning, particularly with an adolescent with a history of conflicts with authority figures. Also, the case is discussed in terms of identifying markers of success that are “client-centered”.

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JournalClinical Case Studies
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Publication statusPublished - 2004



  • adolescent
  • enuresis
  • graduated night walking
  • treatment

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