Small Bowel and Colorectal Carcinoids

Raphael M. Byrne, Rodney F. Pommier

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    Neuroendocrine tumors, or carcinoid tumors, of both the midgut and hindgut are quite rare, but their incidence is increasing. Surgery is the treatment of choice in patients who can tolerate an operation and have operable disease. Options for the treatment of metastatic disease include cytoreductive surgery, somatostatin analogues, interferon α, local liver therapies (hepatic arterial embolization, ablation), chemotherapy, Peptide-Receptor Radionucleotide Radiotherapy, angiogenesis inhibitors, and mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitors.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Pages (from-to)301-308
    Number of pages8
    JournalClinics in Colon and Rectal Surgery
    Issue number5
    StatePublished - 2018


    • appendiceal NET
    • carcinoid tumors
    • colorectal NET
    • jejunoileal NET
    • neuroendocrine tumors

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    • Surgery
    • Gastroenterology


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