Sextant localization of prostate cancer: Comparison of sextant biopsy, magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging with step section histology

A. E. Wefer, H. Hricak, D. B. Vigneron, Fergus Coakley, Y. Lu, J. Wefer, U. Mueller-Lisse, P. R. Carroll, J. Kurhanewicz

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Purpose: We compared the accuracy of endorectal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging with that of sextant biopsy for the sextant localization of prostate cancer. Materials and Methods: Sextant biopsy, MRI, magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging and radical prostatectomy with step section histology were done in 47 patients with prostate cancer. For each sextant we categorized biopsy and imaging results as positive or negative for cancer. Step section histology was used as the standard of reference. Results: For sextant localization of prostate cancer MRI and magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging were more sensitive but less specific than biopsy (67% and 76% versus 50%, and 69% and 68% versus 82%, respectively). The sensitivity of sextant biopsy was significantly less in the prostate apex than in the mid prostate or prostate base (38% versus 52% and 62%, respectively). MRI and magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging had similar efficacy throughout the prostate compared with biopsy only as well as better sensitivity and specificity in the prostate apex (60% and 75%, and 86% and 68%, respectively). A positive biopsy or imaging result had 94% sensitivity for cancer and concordant positivity by all 3 tests was highly specific at 98%. Conclusions: Overall MRI and magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging have accuracy similar to biopsy for intraprostatic localization of cancer and they are more accurate than biopsy in the prostate apex. These 2 imaging modalities may supplement biopsy results by increasing physician confidence when evaluating intraprostatic tumor location, which may be important for planning disease targeted therapy.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)400-404
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Urology
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2000
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