Roy Hertz, M.D. (1909-2002): the cure of choriocarcinoma and its impact on the development of chemotherapy for cancer.

Jonathan P. Yarris, Alan J. Hunter

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Dr. Roy Hertz is one of two scientists credited with discovering the first medical cure of a solid cancer. This paper presents a biographical history of Dr. Hertz and discusses his roles in the discovery of a cure for choriocarcinoma and as a pioneer for future research in cancer chemotherapy. This biography not only serves as a testament to the pioneering individuals in the field of chemotherapeutics but also represents the unique blend of medical, pharmacological, and physiological histories that led to the profound discovery. The timing and significance of the work of Drs. Hertz and Li cannot be overestimated. Their discovery was a spectacular success, demonstrating proof of the principle that chemotherapy can cure metastatic cancer and that an almost uniformly fatal cancer in young patients could be cured with a single chemotherapeutic agent, which stands as one of the greatest achievements in cancer research.

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JournalGynecologic oncology
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StatePublished - May 2003


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