Resource brief: The National Non-Human Primate DNA Bank

Betsy Ferguson, John Capitanio, Thomas Folks, Charlotte Hotchkiss, Zachary Johnson, Leslie Kean, H. Michael Kubisch, Simon Lank, Leslie Lyons, Gregory M. Miller, John Nylander, David O'Connor, Eric J. Vallender, Roger Wiseman

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    A National Non-Human Primate (NHP) DNA bank has been established by the National Primate Research Centers and the National Center for Research Resources, NIH, providing a new resource for comparative genomic studies. The collection includes genomic DNA samples from macaques, chimpanzees, baboons, vervets, marmosets, sooty mangabeys and titi monkeys. The repository includes DNAs from 697 unrelated animals, suitable for comparing allele representation within and between species. Another 474 DNAs are derived from family-trios (dam, sire, off spring), and are useful for verifying the segregation of genetic variants. The National NHP DNA Bank includes specified holdings within each of the eight National Primate Research Centers, though detailed information on the entire collection is available through a common website.

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    StatePublished - Sep 2009


    • Comparative genetics
    • DNA bank
    • Genomic DNA
    • Macaque
    • Monkey
    • Non-human primate

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