Pathologic Processing of Vitrectomy Specimens: A Comparison of Pathologic Findings with Celloidin Bag and Cytocentrifugation Preparation of 102 Vitrectomy Specimens

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Specimens obtained from 102 vitrectomies were processed by cytocentrifugation and celloidin bag techniques. The histopathology obtained with each procedure was compared with respect to cellular and tissue findings. Forty-five percent of cases had identical findings by the two techniques. Quantitative analysis of the discrepancies revealed better cellular recovery and identification by cytocentrifugation, and similar rates for the recovery and identification of tissue elements. Qualitative analysis showed better demonstration of tissue histopathology using celloidin bag thin sections. Thus, pathologic analysis was more complete when the two techniques were used together than when either was used alone.

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  • celloidin bag processing
  • cytocentrifugation
  • vitreous pathology

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