Oocyte donor screening: The selection process and cost analysis

Marsha J. Gorrill, Lisa K. Johnson, Phillip E. Patton, Kenneth A. Burry

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Objective: To evaluate the selection process and cost of screening oocyte donors. Design: Retrospective analysis. Setting: University-based IVF program. Patient(s): Potential oocyte donors. Intervention(s): Outcomes of all inquiries by individuals responding to recruitment advertisements for oocyte donors over a 10-month period were assessed. Recruitment and screening costs to bring a single donor into the program were calculated. Main Outcome Measure(s): The attrition rate for each step of the oocyte donor screening process was determined. The costs assessed over the study period included the following: advertisement, administrative, professional, ultrasound, and blood screening. The total cost to bring a single donor into the program was calculated. Result(s): Advertisements led to 315 phone inquiries from potential oocyte donors. Of these, a total of 223 (71%) voluntarily withdrew from the screening process, 54 (17%) were screened out for medical or psychological reasons, and 38 (12%) entered the active donor pool. The total cost to bring a single donor into the program was approximately $1,869. Conclusion(s): There was significant attrition in the screening process for oocyte donation that needs to be taken into account in determining the costs of managing the program.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)400-404
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JournalFertility and sterility
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2001
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