Nephrotoxicity of immunosuppressive drugs

W. M. Bennett, E. A. Burdmann, T. F. Andoh, Donald Houghton, J. Lindsley, L. W. Elzinga

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Acute and chronic nephrotoxicity frequently limits the therapeutic benefits of immunosuppressive therapy for transplant and autoimmune indications. The clinical aspects, pathophysiology, and relevant pharmacology of current and future immunosuppressive drugs are reviewed in this paper. Insights gained from experimental models of chronic nephrotoxicity associated with tubulointerstitial fibrosis are presented.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)141-145
Number of pages5
JournalNephrology Dialysis Transplantation
Issue numberSUPPL. 4
StatePublished - Aug 24 1994


  • Cyclosporin
  • FK506
  • Immunosuppressive drugs
  • Nephrotoxicity
  • Rapamycin

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  • Nephrology
  • Transplantation


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