Myocardial contrast echocardiography a 25-year retrospective

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    It is remarkable that there is already a vast literature, including large studies, showing the diagnostic and prognostic value of MCE even before a single ultrasound contrast agent has been approved in the United States for this purpose. The response of the US Food and Drug Administration to phase III study results of Cardiosphere and Imagify and subsequent reimbursement for MCE will determine its clinical adoption and success. Whether MCE develops into a universally applied clinical tool or not, it has been a valuable experimental tool for the discovery of new physiological and pathophysiological insights into the microcirculation and local control of MBF. Some of these have been described previously and some in this review. For a relatively inexpensive tool, MCE can provide rather sophisticated information in individual patients in various clinical scenarios. Its greater clinical adoption can only enhance patient care.

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