International classification of functioning, disability and health categories for spinal cord injury nursing in China

Kun Li, Tiebin Yan, Liming You, Rui Li, Amy Ross

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    Purpose: To explore a set of International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) categories that cover the spinal cord injury (SCI) nursing practice in China through a national expert survey.

    Methods: An internet-based email survey was used. An original set of ICF categories specifically for SCI nursing has been developed from the preliminary studies based on an international perspective. For cultural adaptation in China, a national expert survey was conducted with Chinese experts on SCI nursing to identify the ICF categories that were specifically for SCI nursing in China. The ICF categories which received more than 80% support from the experts would be reported.

    Results: Twenty-nine Chinese experts on SCI nursing participated. There were 81 ICF categories which received more than 80% agreement among the experts, including 33 Body Functions categories, eight Body Structures, 24 Activities and Participation, six Environmental Factors and 10 Personal Factors items.

    Conclusions: A set of ICF categories that cover the SCI nursing practice in China was identified. It reflects the main issues that Chinese nurses focus on in caring SCI patients. These categories can facilitate Chinese nurses to use the ICF in multidisciplinary teamwork and improve the participation of nurses in the team.

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    JournalDisability and Rehabilitation
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    Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2015



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