Influence of diet and supplements on iron status after gastric bypass surgery

Renee A. Mischler, Seth M. Armah, Breanne N. Wright, Samer Mattar, Arthur D. Rosen, Nana Gletsu-Miller

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Background: Iron deficiency is common after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery, but there is no consensus on the optimal diet quality and quantity for restoring and preserving iron status. Objectives: The authors explored the impact of dietary and supplemental sources of iron and absorptive factors on iron status. Setting: Academic, United States. Methods: In a cross-sectional cohort of individuals who underwent RYGB, nutrient intakes from food and supplements were measured using 3-day food records. Blood biomarkers of iron status, including concentrations of ferritin, total iron binding capacity, serum transferrin receptor (sTfR), and the sTfR:ferritin ratio, were assessed by a reference laboratory; iron deficiency was defined as having at least 2 abnormal measures. Associations between iron status biomarkers and dietary predictors were determined using regression analysis. Results: Of the 36 participants, 97% were female, the mean age was 45 years (95% confidence interval, 41-48 years), and body mass index was 32 (30-35) kg/m2. Iron deficiency was found in 42% of participants. Dietary intake of heme iron, found in meats, was favorably associated with 3 iron status biomarkers (ferritin, β = .366; sTfR:ferritin ratio, β = -.459; and total iron binding capacity, β = -18.26; all P

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalSurgery for Obesity and Related Diseases
StateAccepted/In press - Jun 16 2015


  • Dietary intake
  • Iron deficiency
  • Iron supplementation
  • Nutritional complications

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    Mischler, R. A., Armah, S. M., Wright, B. N., Mattar, S., Rosen, A. D., & Gletsu-Miller, N. (Accepted/In press). Influence of diet and supplements on iron status after gastric bypass surgery. Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases.