HIV positivity and anal cancer outcomes: A single-center experience

Nicole Wieghard, Kyle D. Hart, Katherine Kelley, Kim C. Lu, Daniel O. Herzig, Timur Mitin, Charles R. Thomas, Vassiliki Liana Tsikitis

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Background: Anal cancer remains common among human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) patients. Chemoradiation has had mixed results. We evaluated outcome differences by HIV status. Methods: We retrospectively analyzed 14 HIV+ and 72 HIV- anal cancer patients (2000 to 2013). Outcomes included chemoradiation tolerance, recurrence, and survival. Results: HIV+ patients were more often male (100% vs 38%, P <.001) but diagnosed at similar stages (P = .49). They were less likely to receive traditional chemotherapy (36% vs 86%, P <.001). Recurrence (P = .55) and survival time (P = .48) were similar across groups. HIV+ patients had similar colostomy-free survival (P = .053). Receipt of 5-fluorouracil/mitomycin C (MMC) chemotherapy predicted recurrence-free and overall survival (Hazard ratios .278, .32). HIV status did not worsen recurrence (P = .71) or survival (P = .57). Conclusions: HIV+ patients received more non-MMC-based chemoradiation but had equivalent colostomy-free, recurrence, and overall survival. Use of 5-fluorouracil/MMC chemotherapy increased after 2008.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalAmerican Journal of Surgery
StateAccepted/In press - Oct 30 2015


  • Anal squamous cell carcinoma
  • HIV
  • Outcomes

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