Genetic analysis of tolerance to ethanol hypothermia in recombinant inbred mice: Effect of desglycinamide(9)-Arginine(8)-vasopressin

John Jr Crabbe, Henk Rigter, Sjeng Kerbusch

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The hypothermic effect of ethanol, tolerance to ethanol hypothermia, and the effect of desglycinamide(9)-Arginine(8)-vasopressin dicitrate (DGAVP) on ethanol hypothermic tolerance were investigated in Bailey's Recombinant Inbred strains of mice. Strains differed markedly in baseline temperatures and initial sensitivity to ethanol. There were no significant strain differences in tolerance. DGAVP attenuated the strain differences in initial sensitivity to ethanol and blocked tolerance development. These effects were accompanied by changes in the pattern of genetic control.



  • ethanol
  • hypothermia
  • mouse
  • recombinant inbred strains
  • strain differences
  • tolerance
  • vasopressin

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