Gender-based analysis of pre-residency research productivity among a current United States radiation oncology resident class

Shearwood McClelland, Blair Murphy, Jerry J. Jaboin, Richard C. Zellars

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Background: The increasing proportion of women in medicine has not been adequately reflected in the gender distribution of radiation oncology residents. The presence of at least one pre-residency peer-reviewed publication (PRP) has been associated with radiation oncology resident choice of academic over private practice career, with no significant gender difference in the likelihood of having a PRP (McClelland et al., 2017). We sought to pursue a gender-based analysis of PRP productivity in a current junior resident class. Methods: A list of radiation oncology residents from the graduating class of 2022 (PGY-2 academic year of 2018-2019) was obtained through internet investigation. Research productivity was calculated using PRP number, defined as the number of a resident's publications listed in PubMed ( through the calendar year of residency application (2016 for this class). Results: Of 195 residents examined from the 2022 class, 61 (31%) were women, representing a nine percent increase from the resident class of 2016. Four-fifths of women had 1+ PRP, 31% had dual degrees, and 18% had a PhD. These percentages were comparable to their male counterparts, 73% with 1+ PRP, 28% with dual degrees, and 15% with a PhD. There were no statistically significant differences by gender in any of these benchmarks. Conclusions: While slower than the overall trend of increased female representation in medicine, the proportion of women in radiation oncology residency has increased by 0.9-1.5% annually over a recent six-year span. There remain no significant differences in PRP productivity, dual degree status, or PhD status by gender.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number52
JournalChinese Clinical Oncology
Issue number5
StatePublished - Oct 2021


  • Gender equity
  • Pre-residency peer-reviewed publications (PRP)
  • Radiation oncology residents
  • Research productivity

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