Fetal bovine serum inhibits chondrocyte collagenase production: Interleukin 1 reverses this effect

Rita A. Kandel, Kenneth P.H. Pritzker, Gordon B. Mills, Tony F. Cruz

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    Bovine articular chondrocytes incubated in medium which was serum free or contained low levels of fetal bovine serum (less than 5%) constitutively produced collagenase. Increasing the concentration of serum in the culture medium inhibited the production of collagenase. Addition of interleukin 1 and lipopolysaccharide reversed the inhibitory effect of serum. Phorbol esters only stimulated collagenase production when the serum concentration was at least 10%. These data suggest that there is a factor(s) in fetal bovine serum that inhibits collagenase production by chondrocytes and this can be reversed by agents such as interleukin 1.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Pages (from-to)130-134
    Number of pages5
    JournalBBA - Molecular Cell Research
    Issue number2-3
    StatePublished - Jul 12 1990



    • Chondrocyte
    • Collagenase
    • Fetal bovine serum
    • Interleukin 1

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