EXPRESS - Examining Pediatric Resuscitation Education Using Simulation and Scripting: The birth of an international pediatric simulation research collaborative - From concept to reality

Adam Cheng, Elizabeth A. Hunt, Aaron Donoghue, Kristen Nelson, Judy Leflore, Jodee Anderson, Walter Eppich, Robert Simon, Jenny Rudolph, Vinay Nadkarni

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Over the past decade, medical simulation has evolved into an essential component of pediatric resuscitation education and team training. Evidence to support its value as an adjunct to traditional methods of education is expanding; however, large multicenter studies are very rare. Simulation-based researchers currently face many challenges related to small sample sizes, poor generalizability, and paucity of clinically proven and relevant outcome measures. The Examining Pediatric Resuscitation Education Using Simulation and Scripting (EXPRESS) pediatric simulation research collaborative was formed in an attempt to directly address and overcome these challenges. The primary mission of the EXPRESS collaborative is to improve the delivery of medical care to critically ill children by answering important research questions pertaining to pediatric resuscitation and education and is focused on using simulation either as a key intervention of interest or as the outcome measurement tool. Going forward, the collaborative aims to expand its membership internationally and collectively identify pediatric resuscitation and simulation-based research priorities and use these to guide future projects. Ultimately, we hope that with innovative and high-quality research, the EXPRESS pediatric simulation research collaborative will help to build momentum for simulation-based research on an international level.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)34-41
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JournalSimulation in Healthcare
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Publication statusPublished - Feb 2011



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