Erratum: Neural Inhibition of Dopaminergic Signaling Enhances Immunity in a Cell-Non-autonomous Manner (Current Biology (2016) (26) (1–6)(10.1016/j.cub.2016.06.036) (S0960982216306753))

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(Current Biology 26, 1–6; September 12, 2016) It has been brought to the authors’ attention that incorrect annotations were placed in the version of Figure 3E originally published in this article. The second and fourth annotations were mislabeled as “WT+pmk-1 RNAi” and “dop-4(tm1392)+pmk-1 RNAi,” respectively. The correct labels are “WT+skn-1 RNAi” and “dop-4(tm1392)+skn-1 RNAi,” respectively. These errors do not affect the results or conclusions of the article, and they have now been corrected online. The authors apologize for these errors and any confusion that may have resulted.

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JournalCurrent Biology
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StatePublished - Sep 12 2016
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