Effects of docetaxel on pain due to metastatic androgen-independent prostate cancer

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Bone pain commonly plagues patients with metastatic androgen-independent prostate cancer. Studies of mitoxantrone demonstrated that chemotherapy can substantially reduce this debilitating symptom. Two of the available studies examining the use of docetaxel with and without estramustine for treatment of androgenindependent prostate cancer include a detailed prospective analysis of pain and quality of life. One study required patients to have pain at entry and demonstrated significant improvement in pain. The second study enrolled patients with low prevalence and intensity of pain and did not demonstrate pain relief. The available results, although preliminary, suggest that patients with significant bone pain due to androgen-independent prostate cancer can experience substantial pain relief with docetaxel-based therapy. Larger randomized studies targeting patients with sufficient prevalence and intensity of pain are needed to refine our understanding of the contribution of docetaxel to pain control in this patient population.

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JournalCurrent urology reports
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StatePublished - May 2002


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