Effects of chronic epileptic foci on control of pyramidal tract neurons in monkeys

A. R. Wyler, Kim Burchiel

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Five Macaca mulatta monkeys were operantly conditioned to control the firing patterns of single precentral pyramidal tract neurons. The accuracy with which the monkeys could control normal PTNs from within the focus was significantly poorer than PTNs from contralateral, homotopic cortex. In comparison to nonepileptic monkeys, there was no significant difference in the accuracy with which PTNs from cortex contralateral to interictal foci were controlled. By contrast, comparison of the time necessary to gain accurate control over individual PTNs from contralateral cortex showed the epileptic monkeys to be significantly encumbered when compared to nonepileptic monkeys. These data suggest that interictal foci produce 'noise' in remote regions of brain that are involved in an operant task requiring a high degree of discrimination.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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Publication statusPublished - 1978
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