Dietary habits and the risk of stomach cancer: A comparison study of patients with and without intestinal metaplasia

Martha Fay, M (Brian) Fennerty, Julia Emerson, Mary Larez

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Patients with chronic atrophic gastritis intestinal metaplasia (IM) are suspected of being at increased risk for the intestinal type of gastric cancer. Diet is one of several etiologic components that may contribute to the development of the IM lesion. One hundred patients (50 with IM and 50 without IM) were evaluated to determine their dietary intake of nitrosating agents and vitamin C and their smoking habits. Patients with IM reported a higher consumption of two foods rich in nitrosating agents, bacon (.28 vs. .10, p = .02) and sausages (.16 vs. .02, p = .01), compared to patients without IM. Smoking and vitamin C intake were similar in both the IM-positive and the IM-negative groups.


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