Comparison of the EndoVac System to Needle Irrigation of Root Canals

Benjamin A. Nielsen, J. Craig Baumgartner

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Past studies have shown that current irrigation methods are effective at cleaning root canals coronally but less effective apically. To be effective, endodontic irrigants should ideally be delivered near working length. The purpose of this study was to compare the efficacy of the EndoVac irrigation system and needle irrigation to debride root canals at 1 and 3 mm from working length. One tooth of each matched pair was instrumented and irrigated by using the EndoVac, which uses negative pressure to deliver irrigating solutions to working length. The other tooth of the matched pair was instrumented and irrigated with a 30-gauge ProRinse irrigating needle. All teeth were irrigated with sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) for a predetermined amount of time, and total volume of irrigant used was recorded. After instrumentation and irrigation, the teeth were fixed, decalcified, and sectioned at 1 mm and 3 mm from working length. Serial sections were made and digitally photographed. The amount of remaining debris was determined as a percentage of the area of the canal lumen. Remaining debris and total irrigant were analyzed by using the Wilcoxon signed rank test at the 5% confidence level. At the 1-mm level, significantly less debris was found in the EndoVac group (p = 0.0347). At the 3-mm level, there was no significant difference between groups. Significantly more irrigant was delivered with the EndoVac (p < 0001). This study showed significantly better debridement at 1 mm from working length by using the EndoVac compared with needle irrigation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)611-615
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of endodontics
Issue number5
StatePublished - May 1 2007


  • EndoVac
  • residual debris
  • root canal irrigation

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