Changes in utilization and cost sharing within the Danish National Health Insurance dental program, 1975-90

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The aims of the analysis were 1) to examine the development in utilization of dental care provided for adults in Denmark under the National Health Insurance during the period 1975-90; 2) to assess the appropriateness of available dental care statistics for studies of oral health trends; and 3) to analyze the price development of dental services during 1975-90 and its impact on patient and Insurance expenses, respectively. Utilization and economic data were retrieved from available registers and analyzed. Three trends were found. First, the utilization has increased more than what could be explained by the population increase; secondly, the panorama of dental services changed from predominantly restorative/extraction services to predominantly diagnostic/preventive services. Thirdly, the price paid by Danish adults for dental care increased disproportionately to other price developments in society. On the basis of traditional health economic theory this development could be expected to affect demand for dental services negatively.

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JournalActa Odontologica Scandinavica
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StatePublished - Feb 1996



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