CD8+ T cell immunodominance shifts during the early stages of acute LCMV infection independently from functional avidity maturation

Hans Peter Raué, Mark K. Slifka

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    Virus-specific T cell responses are often directed to a small subset of possible epitopes and their relative magnitude defines their hierarchy. We determined the size and functional avidity of 4 representative peptide-specific CD8+ T cell populations in C57BL/6 mice at different time points after lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) infection. We found that the frequency of different peptide-specific T cell populations in the spleen changed independently over the first 8 days after infection. These changes were not associated with a larger or more rapid increase in functional avidity and yet still resulted in a shift in the final immunodominance hierarchy. Thus, the immunodominance observed at the peak of an antiviral T cell response is not necessarily determined by the initial size or rate of functional avidity maturation of peptide-specific T cell populations.

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    StatePublished - Aug 1 2009



    • CD8
    • Functional avidity
    • Immunodominance
    • LCMV
    • T cells

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