Call to care: The impact of 24-hour postdischarge telephone follow-up in the treatment of surgical day care patients

Shay Anne Daniels, Amanda Kelly, Deborah Bachand, Elizabeth Simeoni, Christine Hall, Scott Hofer, Allen Hayashi

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Background: Patient satisfaction and effective management of postoperative complaints are important factors in determining the success of outpatient surgery programs. Methods: In September 2013, a 24-hour postdischarge telephone follow-up (TFU) call was initiated by surgical day care nurses at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, BC. The study group was contacted to evaluate the effectiveness of the TFU in identifying and addressing postoperative complaints and determining the level of satisfaction with discharge instructions and care. Results: A total of 854 patients were contacted. Overall, 313 (36.7%) received TFU and 541 (63.3%) did not; these served as our control group. Independent sample t-tests revealed that patients who received TFU had significantly fewer postoperative complaints compared with the controls (.19 vs .28, respectively). Conclusions: Day surgery patients receiving TFU reported fewer postoperative concerns. Results of this study suggest that a TFU call results in increased patient satisfaction with discharge care and is an appropriate tool to address patients' postoperative complaints and improve patient-reported outcomes.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalAmerican Journal of Surgery
StateAccepted/In press - Nov 2 2015
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  • Day surgery
  • Discharge care
  • Patient-reported outcomes
  • Postoperative complaints

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