Basement membrane diversity detected by monoclonal antibodies

Helena Hessle, Lynn Sakai, David W. Hollister, Robert E. Burgeson, Eva Engvall

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Human fetal membranes or pepsin solubilized proteins thereof were used as immunogens in the production of monoclonal antibodies to basement membrane-associated components. Some of the antibodies obtained reacted with all basement membranes in indirect immunofluorescent-cent microscopy, others reacted with all epithelial but not with endothelial basement membranes, and yet other antibodies reacted only with certain epithelial basement membranes in these tests. The reactivities of the antibodies demonstrate that different basement membranes are (immuno)chemically different and contain unique components in addition to ubiquitous components such as type IV collagen and laminin

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Issue number1-3
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1984
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