Awards for distinguished professional contributions

Joseph D. Matarazzo

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Recognizing the diversity of roles and activities in which many professional psychologists are engaged, beginning in 1979, Professional Awards have been presented to individual members of the Association whose distinguished contributions have served to advance psychology as a profession in the areas of knowledge, professional practice, and public service. In 1991, recipients were as follows: for "Distinguished Professional Contributions to Knowledge, " Joseph Matarazzo and Grant Dahlstrom; for "Distinguished Professional Contributions to Applied Psychology as a Professional Practice," Stanley Graham; for "Distinguished Professional Contributions to Public Service, " José Szapocznik and Oliva Espin. The 1991 recipients of the Professional Awards will be honored at the 1992 annual convention in Washington, DC. The members of the Board of Professional Affairs were Jerome H. Resnick (1991 chair), Nathan H. Azrin, Ruth Ullmann Paige, Jean L. Balinky, Elena J. Eisman, Diana M. Zuckerman, Mark S. Goldman, Leonard J. Haas, and Rodney Lawman. The awardees for all the years since the establishment of the custom are as follows: 1972 Carl R. Rogers 1973 David Wechsler 1974 Noble H. Kelley 1975 George W. Albee 1976 John C. Flanagan, David Shakow 1977 George Katona 1978 Arthur L. Benton 1979 Herbert Dörken, Sol L. Garfield, William A. Hunt 1980 Douglas W. Bray, Leonard D. Eron, Nicholas Hobbs, Zygmunt A. Piotrowski 1981 Jack I. Bardon, Carl Eisdorfer, Jane W. Kessler 1982 Asher R. Pacht, Carolyn R. Payton, Roy Schafer, Milton Theaman 1983 Meredith P. Crawford, Neal E. Miller, Donald E. Peterson 1984 Nicholas A. Cummings, Norman Fredericksen, Stephen E. Goldston, Cecil Peck 1985 Eric Schopler, Rogers H. Wright, Albert Ellis 1986 Patrick H. DeLeon, Nadine Lambert, Wilbert E. Fordyce, Edward Zigler 1987 Edwin Shneidman, Lenore Walker, Alfred M. Wellner, Carl N. Zimet, Mary D. S. Ainsworth, Hans H. Strupp 1988 Stephen F. Morin, Stanley Moldawsky, George D. Goldman, Herman Feifel 1989 James Garbarino, Florence Kaslow, Patrick DeLeon, Allen E. Bergin.

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