Aortobronchial fistula as a complication of surgery for correction of congenital aortic anomalies

Alexander Garniek, Benyamina Morag, Sandra Schmahmann, Zallman J. Rubinstein

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An aortobronchial fistula is a rare condition that is invariably fatal if not diagnosed and surgically treated. Aortic aneurysms, both atherosclerotic and infective, were the main causes in the originally described cases. However, thoracic cardiovascular surgery has recently become the predominant cause. The authors describe two such patients who presented 41/2 and 5 years after surgery for the correction of congenital anomalies. Both patients had severe hemoptysis, and angiography helped establish the diagnosis of an aortobronchial fistula. This diagnosis should be considered in patients with hemoptysis and a history of thoracic surgery.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)347-348
Number of pages2
Issue number2
StatePublished - May 1990
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  • Aneurysm, aortic, 563.73
  • Aorta, CT, 563.1211
  • Aorta, grafts and prostheses, 563.452
  • Aortography, 563.1243
  • Fistula, aortobronchopulmonary, 943.452
  • Lung, hemorrhage, 60.4123

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