Advantages of laser application in endoscopic surgery.

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This article discusses the various kinds of laser therapy used in endoscopic surgery and their respective indications. Following a brief introduction into the basics of laser-tissue-interaction it is shown how less expensive treatment modalities have narrowed the range of laser applications to very specific purposes. In upper gastrointestinal bleeding argon and KTP lasers are mainly used for treatment of pigmented gut lesions. In malignant disease the combined use of balloon dilatation and laser irradiation has proved efficient in restoring patency to the gastrointestinal tract. Argon and CO2 lasers are used by gynaecologists for ablation of endometrioma. In an assessment of future prospects it is concluded that the lasting value of the laser lies in its ability to selectively destroy pigmented pathologic tissues.

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JournalEndoscopic surgery and allied technologies
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StatePublished - Aug 1993
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