Acoustic droplet vaporization and propulsion of perfluorocarbon-loaded microbullets for targeted tissue penetration and deformation

Daniel Kagan, Michael J. Benchimol, Jonathan C. Claussen, Erdembileg Chuluun-Erdene, Sadik Esener, Joseph Wang

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Bullets and rockets: Ultrasound-triggered vaporization of a perfluorocarbon compound loaded into microbullets provides the necessary force for the microbullets to penetrate, cleave, and deform cellular tissue for potential targeted drug delivery and precision nanosurgery. The microbullets have an inner Au layer that allows conjugation of a monolayer of thiolated cysteamine (green in picture) for electrostatic attachment of perfluorocarbon droplets (purple droplets).



  • drug delivery
  • electrostatic interactions
  • perfluorinated solvents
  • ultrasound
  • vaporization

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