A 3-year multi-institutional experience with the liposhaver.

D. G. Becker, T. A. Cook, T. D. Wang, S. S. Park, J. D. Kreit, M. E. Tardy, C. W. Gross

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OBJECTIVE: To report a 3-year multi-institutional clinical experience with the liposhaver in facial plastic surgery. DESIGN: Nonrandomized, nonblinded, multi-institutional evaluation of the liposhaver in a clinical setting. INTERVENTIONS: Seventy-two patients who presented for facial plastic surgical procedures underwent surgery with the liposhaver. Seventy-six liposhaving procedures and 74 concomitant procedures were performed. Standardized preoperative and postoperative photographs were obtained. OUTCOME MEASURE: Subjective evaluation by the surgeons who performed the procedures. RESULTS: The liposhaver was used successfully in all cases. The fat was cleanly shaved and the contour results were even, without dimpling or significant asymmetry. Operative time was comparable to that of conventional liposuction. There were no cases of facial nerve injury and no evidence of increased bleeding intraoperatively. Two male patients had small postoperative hematomas in the immediate postoperative period that were successfully treated with conservative measures. An additional patient developed a small hematoma on postoperative day 5 that was effectively treated with needle aspiration and a pressure dressing. CONCLUSION: This 3-year multi-institutional report suggests that the liposhaver continues to offer a precise alternative to conventional liposuction.

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