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Screening for Pancreatic Cancer: US Preventive Services Task Force Reaffirmation Recommendation Statement

Owens, D. K., Davidson, K. W., Krist, A. H., Barry, M. J., Cabana, M., Caughey, A., Curry, S. J., Doubeni, C. A., Epling, J. W., Kubik, M., Landefeld, C. S., Mangione, C. M., Pbert, L., Silverstein, M., Simon, M. A., Tseng, C. W. & Wong, J. B., Aug 6 2019, In : JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association. 322, 5, p. 438-444 7 p.

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Advisory Committees
Pancreatic Neoplasms
Cause of Death

Seasonal changes in the song control nuclei of the Rufous-bellied Thrush, Turdus rufiventris (Oscine, Passeriformes, and Turdidae)

Lorena, J., Olson, C. R., Fontana, C. S., Mello, C., Schneider, M. P. C. & Schneider, P. N., May 1 2019, In : Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution. 332, 3-4, p. 92-98 7 p.

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Oral Candidiasis

Seasonal patterns in risk factors for Taenia solium transmission: A GPS tracking study of pigs and open human defecation in northern Peru

Pray, I. W., Muro, C., Gamboa, R., Vilchez, P., Wakeland, W., Pan, W., Lambert, W., Garcia, H. H. & O'Neal, S., Jul 16 2019, In : Parasites and Vectors. 12, 1, 352.

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Taenia solium
Homing Behavior

Secondary fibromyalgia

Bennett, R. R. & Friend, R., Feb 1 2019, In : Journal of Rheumatology. 46, 2, p. 127-129 3 p.

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ICPF Steering Committee, May 1 2019, In : Annals of family medicine. 17, 3, p. 276-277 2 p.

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Capacity Building

Second-line treatments in children with immune thrombocytopenia: Effect on platelet count and patient-centered outcomes

Grace, R. F., Shimano, K. A., Bhat, R., Neunert, C., Bussel, J. B., Klaassen, R. J., Lambert, M. P., Rothman, J. A., Breakey, V. R., Hege, K., Bennett, C. M., Rose, M. J., Haley, K., Buchanan, G. R., Geddis, A., Lorenzana, A., Jeng, M., Pastore, Y. D., Crary, S. E., Neier, M. & 4 others, Neufeld, E. J., Neu, N., Forbes, P. W. & Despotovic, J. M., Jan 1 2019, In : American Journal of Hematology.

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Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
Platelet Count
Quality of Life
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Ankylosing Spondylitis
C-Reactive Protein
Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha
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Secukinumab shows sustained efficacy and low structural progression in ankylosing spondylitis: 4-year results from the MEASURE 1 study

Braun, J., Baraliakos, X., Deodhar, A. A., Poddubnyy, D., Emery, P., Delicha, E. M., Talloczy, Z. & Porter, B., May 1 2019, In : Rheumatology (United Kingdom). 58, 5, p. 859-868 10 p.

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Ankylosing Spondylitis

Sedation Management for Critically Ill Children with Pre-Existing Cognitive Impairment

Randomized Evaluation of Sedation Titration for Respiratory Failure (RESTORE) Study Investigators, Mar 1 2019, In : Journal of Pediatrics. 206, p. 204-211.e1

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Critical Illness
Pediatric Intensive Care Units
Substance Withdrawal Syndrome

Seizure and epilepsy publication in nonneurology journals

Wong, V., Stevenson, M., Mott, J. & Sahaya, K., Apr 1 2019, In : Epilepsy and Behavior. 93, p. 7-11 5 p.

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Medical Subject Headings
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Selective capture of radionuclides (U, Pu, Th, Am and Co) using functional nanoporous sorbents

Yantasee, W., Fryxell, G. E., Pattamakomsan, K., Sangvanich, T., Wiacek, R. J., Busche, B., Addleman, R. S., Timchalk, C., Ngamcherdtrakul, W. & Siriwon, N., Mar 15 2019, In : Journal of Hazardous Materials. 366, p. 677-683 7 p.

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Actinoid Series Elements

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors ameliorate MEGF10 myopathy

Saha, M., Rizzo, S. A., Ramanathan, M., Hightower, R. M., Santostefano, K. E., Terada, N., Finkel, R. S., Berg, J. S., Chahin, N., Pacak, C. A., Wagner, R. E., Alexander, M. S., Draper, I. & Kang, P. B., Jul 15 2019, In : Human molecular genetics. 28, 14, p. 2365-2377 13 p., ddz064.

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Serotonin Uptake Inhibitors
Muscular Diseases
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Selective targeting of unipolar brush cell subtypes by cerebellar mossy fibers

Balmer, T. S. & Trussell, L., Apr 17 2019, In : eLife. 8

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Nerve Fibers
Vestibular Hair Cells


Saultz, J., Jun 1 2019, In : Family medicine. 51, 6, p. 465-467 3 p.

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Personal Autonomy

Self-reliance and Collaboration

Saultz, J., Mar 1 2019, In : Family medicine. 51, 3, p. 221-223 3 p.

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Delphi Technique
Family Practice

Sensing What's Out There – Kinetoplastid Parasites

Landfear, S. & Zilberstein, D., Jan 1 2019, (Accepted/In press) In : Trends in Parasitology.

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Signal Transduction
Membrane Proteins
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Sensorless adaptive optics multimodal en-face small animal retinal imaging

Wahl, D. J., Ng, R., Ju, M. J., Jian, Y. & Sarunic, M. V., Jan 1 2019, In : Biomedical Optics Express. 10, 1, p. 252-266 15 p.

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adaptive optics
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Sensory re-weighting for postural control in Parkinson’s disease

Feller, K. J., Peterka, R. B. & Horak, F., Feb 1 2019, In : Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 13, 126.

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Parkinson Disease
Weights and Measures
Behavior Control

Separate and interacting effects of the endogenous circadian system and behaviors on plasma aldosterone in humans

Thosar, S. S., Rueda, J., Berman, A. M., Lasarev, M. R., Herzig, M. X., Clemons, N. A., Roberts, S. A., Bowles, N. P., Emens, J., Ellison, D. & Shea, S., Feb 1 2019, In : American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology. 316, 2, p. R157-R164

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Healthy Volunteers

Separation of Acute Desensitization and Long-Term Tolerance of µ-Opioid Receptors Is Determined by the Degree of C-Terminal Phosphorylation

Arttamangkul, S., Leff, E. R., Koita, O., Birdsong, W. T. & Williams, J. T., Oct 1 2019, In : Molecular pharmacology. 96, 4, p. 505-514 10 p.

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Opioid Receptors
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Sequential Therapy with PARP and WEE1 Inhibitors Minimizes Toxicity while Maintaining Efficacy

Fang, Y., McGrail, D. J., Sun, C., Labrie, M., Chen, X., Zhang, D., Ju, Z., Vellano, C. P., Lu, Y., Li, Y., Jeong, K. J., Ding, Z., Liang, J., Wang, S. W., Dai, H., Lee, S., Sahni, N., Mercado-Uribe, I., Kim, T. B., Chen, K. & 7 others, Lin, S. Y., Peng, G., Westin, S. N., Liu, J., O'Connor, M. J., Yap, T. A. & Mills, G., Jun 10 2019, In : Cancer Cell. 35, 6, p. 851-867.e7

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DNA Damage
Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerases

Serial Cardiac FDG-PET for the Diagnosis and Therapeutic Guidance of Patients With Cardiac Sarcoidosis

Ning, N., Guo, H. H., Iagaru, A., Mittra, E., Fowler, M. & Witteles, R., Jan 1 2019, In : Journal of Cardiac Failure.

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Positron-Emission Tomography
Immunosuppressive Agents
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Serotonin transporter–ibogaine complexes illuminate mechanisms of inhibition and transport

Coleman, J. A., Yang, D., Zhao, Z., Wen, P. C., Yoshioka, C., Tajkhorshid, E. & Gouaux, E., Jan 1 2019, In : Nature.

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Serotonin Plasma Membrane Transport Proteins
Plasma Membrane Neurotransmitter Transport Proteins
Neurotransmitter Agents
Opioid Analgesics
Chronic Pain

Sex, money, power: Obstacles and enablers for action research in support of Sustainable Development Goals: Editorial themed around gender

Bradbury-Huang, H., Jun 1 2019, In : Action Research. 17, 2, p. 135-145 11 p.

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action research
sustainable development
Sustainable development
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Sex and genetic differences in postoperative cognitive dysfunction: A longitudinal cohort analysis

Schenning, K. J., Murchison, C. F., Mattek, N. C., Kaye, J. & Quinn, J., Mar 29 2019, In : Biology of Sex Differences. 10, 1, 14.

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cohort analysis
Apolipoprotein E4
Sex Characteristics
Cohort Studies

Sex differences in reward- and punishment-guided actions

Chowdhury, T. G., Wallin-Miller, K. G., Rear, A. A., Park, J., Diaz, V., Simon, N. W. & Moghaddam, B., Jan 1 2019, In : Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience.

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Sex Characteristics

Sex differences in sympathetic gene expression and cardiac neurochemistry in Wistar Kyoto rats

Bayles, R. G., Tran, J., Olivas, A., Woodward, W., Fei, S. S., Gao, L. & Habecker, B., Jun 1 2019, In : PloS one. 14, 6, e0218133.

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Inbred WKY Rats
Gene expression
gender differences
Sex Characteristics
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Sex differences in the sympathoexcitatory response to insulin in obese rats: role of neuropeptide Y

Shi, Z., Cassaglia, P. A., Pelletier, N. E. & Brooks, V., Jan 1 2019, In : Journal of Physiology.

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Neuropeptide Y
Sex Characteristics
Paraventricular Hypothalamic Nucleus

Sex differences in the therapeutic effects of anti-PDL2 neutralizing antibody on stroke

Seifert, H. A., Zhu, W., Vandenbark, A., Alkayed, N. & Offner, H., Jan 1 2019, (Accepted/In press) In : Metabolic brain disease.

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Therapeutic Uses
Neutralizing Antibodies
Sex Characteristics

Sex-specific differences in the salivary microbiome of caries-active children

Ortiz, S., Herrman, E., Lyashenko, C., Purcell, A., Raslan, K., Khor, B., Snow, M., Forsyth, A., Choi, D., Maier, T. & Machida, C., Jan 1 2019, In : Journal of Oral Microbiology. 11, 1, 1653124.

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Sex Characteristics
Lactococcus lactis

Sexuality Education During Adolescence and Use of Modern Contraception at First Sexual Intercourse Among Mexican Women

Hersh, A. R., Saavedra-Avendaño, B., Schiavon, R. & Darney, B., Jan 1 2019, (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of Adolescent Health.

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Confidence Intervals

Sexual Orientation Disparities in Physical Activity

Fricke, J., Gordon, N. & Downing, J., Feb 1 2019, In : Medical care. 57, 2, p. 138-144 7 p.

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Sexual Behavior
Confidence Intervals

Sexual Relationship Power and Periconception HIV-Risk Behavior Among HIV-Infected Men in Serodifferent Relationships

Khidir, H., Mosery, N., Greener, R., Milford, C., Bennett, K., Kaida, A., Psaros, C., Safren, S. A., Bangsberg, D., Smit, J. A. & Matthews, L. T., Jan 1 2019, In : AIDS and Behavior.

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Decision Making
Logistic Models

Sexual trauma screening for men and women: Examining the construct validity of a two-item screen

Mengeling, M. A., Burkitt, K. H., True, G., Zickmund, S. L., Ono, S., Bayliss, N. K., Holmes, W. C. & Sadler, A. G., Feb 1 2019, In : Violence and Victims. 34, 1, p. 175-193 19 p.

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construct validity
Veterans Health
Wounds and Injuries
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Shared heritability and functional enrichment across six solid cancers

Jiang, X., Finucane, H. K., Schumacher, F. R., Schmit, S. L., Tyrer, J. P., Han, Y., Michailidou, K., Lesseur, C., Kuchenbaecker, K. B., Dennis, J., Conti, D. V., Casey, G., Gaudet, M. M., Huyghe, J. R., Albanes, D., Aldrich, M. C., Andrew, A. S., Andrulis, I. L., Anton-Culver, H., Antoniou, A. C. & 313 others, Antonenkova, N. N., Arnold, S. M., Aronson, K. J., Arun, B. K., Bandera, E. V., Barkardottir, R. B., Barnes, D. R., Batra, J., Beckmann, M. W., Benitez, J., Benlloch, S., Berchuck, A., Berndt, S. I., Bickeböller, H., Bien, S. A., Blomqvist, C., Boccia, S., Bogdanova, N. V., Bojesen, S. E., Bolla, M. K., Brauch, H., Brenner, H., Brenton, J. D., Brook, M. N., Brunet, J., Brunnström, H., Buchanan, D. D., Burwinkel, B., Butzow, R., Cadoni, G., Caldés, T., Caligo, M. A., Campbell, I., Campbell, P. T., Cancel-Tassin, G., Cannon-Albright, L., Campa, D., Caporaso, N., Carvalho, A. L., Chan, A. T., Chang-Claude, J., Chanock, S. J., Chen, C., Christiani, D. C., Claes, K. B. M., Claessens, F., Clements, J., Collée, J. M., Correa, M. C., Couch, F. J., Cox, A., Cunningham, J. M., Cybulski, C., Czene, K., Daly, M. B., deFazio, A., Devilee, P., Diez, O., Gago-Dominguez, M., Donovan, J. L., Dörk, T., Duell, E. J., Dunning, A. M., Dwek, M., Eccles, D. M., Edlund, C. K., Edwards, D. R. V., Ellberg, C., Evans, D. G., Fasching, P. A., Ferris, R. L., Liloglou, T., Figueiredo, J. C., Fletcher, O., Fortner, R. T., Fostira, F., Franceschi, S., Friedman, E., Gallinger, S. J., Ganz, P. A., Garber, J., García-Sáenz, J. A., Gayther, S. A., Giles, G. G., Godwin, A. K., Goldberg, M. S., Goldgar, D. E., Goode, E. L., Goodman, M. T., Goodman, G., Grankvist, K., Greene, M. H., Gronberg, H., Gronwald, J., Guénel, P., Håkansson, N., Hall, P., Hamann, U., Hamdy, F. C., Hamilton, R. J., Hampe, J., Haugen, A., Heitz, F., Herrero, R., Hillemanns, P., Hoffmeister, M., Høgdall, E., Hong, Y. C., Hopper, J. L., Houlston, R., Hulick, P. J., Hunter, D. J., Huntsman, D. G., Idos, G., Imyanitov, E. N., Ingles, S. A., Isaacs, C., Jakubowska, A., James, P., Jenkins, M. A., Johansson, M., Johansson, M., John, E. M., Joshi, A. D., Kaneva, R., Karlan, B. Y., Kelemen, L. E., Kühl, T., Khaw, K. T., Khusnutdinova, E., Kibel, A. S., Kiemeney, L. A., Kim, J., Kjaer, S. K., Knight, J. A., Kogevinas, M., Kote-Jarai, Z., Koutros, S., Kristensen, V. N., Kupryjanczyk, J., Lacko, M., Lam, S., Lambrechts, D., Landi, M. T., Lazarus, P., Le, N. D., Lee, E., Lejbkowicz, F., Lenz, H. J., Leslie, G., Lessel, D., Lester, J., Levine, D. A., Li, L., Li, C. I., Lindblom, A., Lindor, N. M., Liu, G., Loupakis, F., Lubiński, J., Maehle, L., Maier, C., Mannermaa, A., Marchand, L. L., Margolin, S., May, T., McGuffog, L., Meindl, A., Middha, P., Miller, A., Milne, R. L., MacInnis, R. J., Modugno, F., Montagna, M., Moreno, V., Moysich, K. B., Mucci, L., Muir, K., Mulligan, A. M., Nathanson, K. L., Neal, D. E., Ness, A. R., Neuhausen, S. L., Nevanlinna, H., Newcomb, P. A., Newcomb, L. F., Nielsen, F. C., Nikitina-Zake, L., Nordestgaard, B. G., Nussbaum, R. L., Offit, K., Olah, E., Olama, A. A. A., Olopade, O. I., Olshan, A. F., Olsson, H., Osorio, A., Pandha, H., Park, J. Y., Pashayan, N., Parsons, M. T., Pejovic, T., Penney, K. L., Peters, W. H. M., Phelan, C. M., Phipps, A. I., Plaseska-Karanfilska, D., Pring, M., Prokofyeva, D., Radice, P., Stefansson, K., Ramus, S. J., Raskin, L., Rennert, G., Rennert, H. S., van Rensburg, E. J., Riggan, M. J., Risch, H. A., Risch, A., Roobol, M. J., Rosenstein, B. S., Rossing, M. A., De Ruyck, K., Saloustros, E., Sandler, D. P., Sawyer, E. J., Schabath, M. B., Schleutker, J., Schmidt, M. K., Setiawan, V. W., Shen, H., Siegel, E. M., Sieh, W., Singer, C. F., Slattery, M. L., Sorensen, K. D., Southey, M. C., Spurdle, A. B., Stanford, J. L., Stevens, V. L., Stintzing, S., Stone, J., Sundfeldt, K., Sutphen, R., Swerdlow, A. J., Tajara, E. H., Tangen, C. M., Tardon, A., Taylor, J. A., Teare, M. D., Teixeira, M. R., Terry, M. B., Terry, K. L., Thibodeau, S. N., Thomassen, M., Bjørge, L., Tischkowitz, M., Toland, A. E., Torres, D., Townsend, P. A., Travis, R. C., Tung, N., Tworoger, S. S., Ulrich, C. M., Usmani, N., Vachon, C. M., Van Nieuwenhuysen, E., Vega, A., Aguado-Barrera, M. E., Wang, Q., Webb, P. M., Weinberg, C. R., Weinstein, S., Weissler, M. C., Weitzel, J. N., West, C. M. L., White, E., Whittemore, A. S., Wichmann, H. E., Wiklund, F., Winqvist, R., Wolk, A., Woll, P., Woods, M., Wu, A. H., Wu, X., Yannoukakos, D., Zheng, W., Zienolddiny, S., Ziogas, A., Zorn, K. K., Lane, J. M., Saxena, R., Thomas, D., Hung, R. J., Diergaarde, B., McKay, J., Peters, U., Hsu, L., García-Closas, M., Eeles, R. A., Chenevix-Trench, G., Brennan, P. J., Haiman, C. A., Simard, J., Easton, D. F., Gruber, S. B., Pharoah, P. D. P., Price, A. L., Pasaniuc, B., Amos, C. I., Kraft, P. & Lindström, S., Dec 1 2019, In : Nature Communications. 10, 1, 431.

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Nucleic Acid Regulatory Sequences

Shared Reading Practices and Early Literacy Promotion in the First Year of Life

Sinclair, E. M., McCleery, E. J., Koepsell, L., Zuckerman, K. & Stevenson, E. B., Sep 1 2019, In : Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics : JDBP. 40, 7, p. 538-546 9 p.

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Newborn Infant
Family Practice

Shift in the timing of microvascular free tissue transfer failures in head and neck reconstruction

Sweeny, L., Topf, M., Wax, M., Rosenthal, E. L., Greene, B. J., Heffelfinger, R., Krein, H., Luginbuhl, A., Petrisor, D., Troob, S., Hughley, B., Hong, S., Zhan, T. & Curry, J., Jan 1 2019, In : Laryngoscope.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

Free Tissue Flaps
Confidence Intervals

Shining a Light on Reproductive Health Care Needs of Women with Disabilities

Horner-Johnson, W., Jul 1 2019, In : Journal of women's health (2002). 28, 7, p. 888-889 2 p.

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Reproductive Health
Delivery of Health Care
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Short- and long-term real-world effectiveness of omalizumab in severe allergic asthma: systematic review of 42 studies published 2008-2018

MacDonald, K. M., Kavati, A., Ortiz, B., Alhossan, A., Lee, C. & Abraham, I., May 4 2019, In : Expert Review of Clinical Immunology. 15, 5, p. 553-569 17 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalReview article

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Hospital Emergency Service
Monoclonal Antibodies
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Short-term safety outcomes of mastectomy and immediate implant-based breast reconstruction with and without mesh (iBRA): a multicentre, prospective cohort study

iBRA Steering Group & Breast Reconstruction Research Collaborative, Feb 1 2019, In : The Lancet Oncology. 20, 2, p. 254-266 13 p.

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Open Access
Cohort Studies
Prospective Studies

Should Evidence Come with an Expiration Date?

Greene, P., Prasad, V. & Cifu, A., Jan 1 2019, In : Journal of general internal medicine.

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Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Should Sagittal Spinal Alignment Targets for Adult Spinal Deformity Correction Depend on Pelvic Incidence and Age?

Protopsaltis, T. S., Soroceanu, A., Tishelman, J. C., Buckland, A. J., Mundis, G. M., Smith, J. S., Daniels, A., Lenke, L. G., Kim, H. J., Klineberg, E. O., Ames, C. P., Hart, R., Bess, S., Shaffrey, C. I., Schwab, F. J. & Lafage, V., Jan 1 2019, (Accepted/In press) In : Spine.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Health Status
Linear Models
Lower Extremity

Signal removal methods for highly multiplexed immunofluorescent staining using antibody conjugated oligonucleotides

McMahon, N., Jones, J., Eng, J., Kwon, S., Chang, Y. H., Thibault, G., Chin, K-Y., Nederlof, M., Gray, J. & Gibbs, S., Jan 1 2019, Imaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues XVII. Farkas, D. L., Tarnok, A. & Leary, J. F. (eds.). SPIE, 108810X. (Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE; vol. 10881).

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contribution


Silencing RORγt in Human CD4+ T cells with CD30 aptamer-RORγt shRNA Chimera

Shi, X., Song, P., Tao, S., Zhang, X. & Chu, C-Q., Dec 1 2019, In : Scientific Reports. 9, 1, 10375.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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Small Interfering RNA
Th17 Cells
Nucleotide Aptamers

Silica cloaking of adenovirus enhances gene delivery while reducing immunogenicity

Sapre, A. A., Yong, G., Yeh, Y. S., Ruff, L. E., Plaut, J. S., Sayar, Z., Agarwal, A., Martinez, J., Nguyen, T. N., Liu, Y. T., Messmer, B. T., Esener, S. & Fischer, J., Mar 10 2019, In : Journal of Controlled Release. 297, p. 48-59 12 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Viral Genes
Silicon Dioxide

Simian-human immunodeficiency virus SHIV.CH505 infection of rhesus macaques results in persistent viral replication and induces intestinal immunopathology

Bar, K. J., Coronado, E., Hensley-McBain, T., O’Connor, M. A., Osborn, J. M., Miller, C., Gott, T. M., Wangari, S., Iwayama, N., Ahrens, C. Y., Smedley, J., Moats, C., Lynch, R. M., Haddad, E. K., Haigwood, N., Fuller, D. H., Shaw, G. M., Klatt, N. R. & Manuzakb, J. A., Sep 1 2019, In : Journal of virology. 93, 18, e00372-19.

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Simian Immunodeficiency Virus
Human immunodeficiency virus
virus replication
Macaca mulatta
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Similar neural pathways control foraging in mosquitoes and worms

Singh, J. & Aballay, A., Mar 1 2019, In : mBio. 10, 2, e00656-19.

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Neural Pathways
Neuropeptide Y Receptors
Disease Vectors
Caenorhabditis elegans