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The proposed studies will investigate the cellular mechnisms for
carcinogenesis in human cells. For these studies we will use tissue
cultures of cells derived from patients with the disease xeroderma
pigmentosum, an inherited disease of DNA repair deficiency, predisposing to
cancer. The goals of the study will be to identify the cellular mechanisms
responsible for repair of the DNA. To accomplish this, we will transform
xeroderma pigmentosum cells and then transfect such cells with DNA repair
genes. There will be two basic approaches in the transfection
experiments: one will be to transfect the cells with prokaryotic DNA
repair genes, and the second will be to transfect the cells with isolated
human DNA repair genes. We will use two basic approaches to identify the
human genes: one will be to identify the human genes by complementation of
the human DNA repair defect by use of other eukaryotic DNA repair genes,
identification of such genes and their use to cross-hybridize and identify
the human genes. Alternatively, we will isolate the human DNA repair
proteins through a complementation assay, develop antibodies to these
proteins, and use the antibody to enrich for mRNA encoding for the DNA
repair genes which can then be identified.
Effective start/end date9/30/859/29/90


  • National Institutes of Health


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