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  • Wilson, Charles (PI)
  • Williams, R. (PI)
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  • Alpern, Robert (PI)
  • Gruetter, Rolf (PI)
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  • Xia, Zhao- (PI)
  • Malloy, Craig (PI)

Project: Research project

Project Details


The primary objective is the establishment of a regional and national
facility for metabolic measurements in vivo using NMR spectroscopy
techniques. Specifically, the facility will focus on methods of spatial
localization, assessing the utility and value of magnetic field strengths
higher than those previously available in a larger bore system (4.2 Tesla,
50 cm warm bore), and determining the research and clinical potential for
the less sensitive nuclei - 13C, 23Na, and the less common element 19F. The second major aim is to evaluate the existence or absence of acute or
chronic biological effects of strong static magnetic fields, rapidly
switched gradients super-imposed on the static field (dB/dt), and the risk
from rf power deposition (heating) at the 4.2 T field. The third goal is to develop pediatric applications for the assessment of
abnormal organ metabolic function and the effects of diet and therapy on
such conditions. The fourth fundamental goal is the development and application of NMR
methods to evaluate tumor type (are metabolic profiles specific?), and to
assess the ability of 19F-labeled compounds to measure tumor temperature
(as altered by hyperthermia) and the effects of various therapies.
Specifically, NMR spectroscopy and imaging will be used to assess the use
of perfluorocarbons and other agents as markers of vescular disruption
and/or altered blood flow to a tumor region before, coincident with, and
following therapy. 19F-labeled compounds are amenable to both imaging and
1-dimensional NMR studies with flat, "surface" coils. This project focuses on the development and use of a high magnetic field
strength system for enhanced signal-to-noise and spectral dispersion in NMR
spectroscopy. It is expected that this project will provide new and basic information
regarding organ metabolism and tumor metabolism. Further, that this
information and the technology to be developed and applied will enhance the
diagnosis and medical treatment of a number of the project's goals to the
regional and national scientific community.
Effective start/end date9/30/857/31/16


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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