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    The major goal of this project is to develop and evaluate innovative
    approaches to information retrieval (IR) in the biomedical domain.
    Building on the initial work done by the Principal Investigator (PI)
    with the SAPHIRE Project and taking advantage of the efforts of the
    Unified Medical Language Systems (UMLS) Project, we aim to design and
    test new methods for automated indexing and retrieval. The underlying
    thesis of the SAPHIRE approach to IR is movement of information
    representation from the level of terms to that of concepts. Terms, such
    as MeSH entries, are surface string representations of underlying
    concepts. A problem with their use in representing concepts is that
    they cannot account for the different ways a concept may be expressed in
    medical texts or information system queries. SAPHIRE is a first step in
    the direction of concept-based IR, and we plan to investigate several
    enhancements to this approach. The major goal will be achieved with six
    separate but interrelated tasks: 1. Develop methodology for evaluation of IR systems in laboratory and
    clinical settings. 2. Assess the utility of computational linguistic approaches to concept
    discovery in text using constrained natural language processing and
    knowledge base construction. 3. Refine strategies for automated indexing of a wide variety of textual
    material, including abstracts, full text of articles, textbooks, and
    hypertext. 4. Explore different user interfaces, aiming to allow optimal retrieval
    for both novice and expert users. 5. Assess the use of semantic relationships between concepts in indexing
    and retrieval. 6. Integrate the SAPHIRE approach with other programs, such as the CODEX
    system and Explorer-2, and scale up to large text collections. In the course of the project we will create an IR system that will help
    meet the information needs of busy health care providers. Such a system
    should have a diverse variety of content available as well as quality
    indexing to represent content accurately. It should also feature
    retrieval capability that is fast and easy to use. In this grant, we
    propose to iteratively build an IR system that utilizes concept-based
    probabilistic indexing and retrieval, and evaluate it each step along
    the way in laboratory as well as real world settings.
    Effective start/end date6/1/915/31/96


    • National Institutes of Health: $100,936.00
    • National Institutes of Health: $91,942.00
    • National Institutes of Health: $91,537.00


    • Medicine(all)
    • Health Professions(all)


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