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The specific objectives of this study are to delineate behavioral and
biological factors that predict treatment outcome in patients with
cocaine dependence drug the first year following hospitalization. Both
patient characteristics upon entry into treatment and early changes that
take place during treatment will be measured. Eight-five patients
admitted to the McLean Hospital Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center
for cocaine dependence will be evaluated carefully in the hospital and
will be followed monthly thereafter for one year. A central feature of
this study will be frequent monitoring of many dimensions of patients'
progress, in order to further understand the processes of recovery and
relapse. Patients will attend monthly follow-up meetings (with the
exception of the first month, during which they will attend two follow-
up meetings) and will fill out brief questionnaires weekly for one year
following hospitalization to monitor progress. Specific independent
variables to be studied will include psychiatric co-morbidity, gender,
and substance abuse history, in order to examine the effect of these
variables on treatment outcome. Another subject to be studied in this
proposal is the cocaine withdrawal syndrome. Patients will be monitored
daily in the hospital and weekly thereafter in order to a) more clearly
delineate the nature of the cocaine abstinence syndrome; b) investigate
whether a protracted withdrawal syndrome exists; and c) develop a rating
scale to measure the severity of cocaine withdrawal symptoms. Severity
of cocaine craving, cocaine withdrawal symptoms, and plasma prolactin
levels will be measured repeatedly over time in an attempt to determine
the nature of the relationship between these factors, as well as their
relationship to treatment outcome. It is hoped that understanding the
impact of patient characteristics on treatment outcome will permit more
rational assignment of patients to specific treatment methods.
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  • National Institutes of Health: $23,016.00
  • National Institutes of Health: $23,569.00
  • National Institutes of Health: $14,548.00


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