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Despite the fact that the first MMWR report included descriptions of oral
problems and early reports indicated oral findings as markers for HIV
infection, little has been reported regarding either the impact of oral
problems on health status or intervention to prevent oral problems from
occurring. Oral problems associated with AIDS present risks to health
status and can result in an inability to eat properly. Further, the
disfigurement and loss of control over one's body takes an emotional toll
in addition to creating health problems. This project would first determine if HIV-related oral problems can be
reduced using a new dental care protocol for HIV positive individuals. An
analysis would then determine if functional status and quality of life
have been affected by preventing oral problems and if there has been an
impact on health care expenditures. Subjects selected will be HIV positive, will have at least 20 natural
teeth, are between 25 and 45 years of age, and have severely compromised
immune systems (cD4 counts between 100 and 500). These criteria were
established so that changes could be expected to occur in a relatively
short time period, without losing subjects to mortality. Five hundred subjects will be randomly assigned into either a control or
the special intervention group. The special intervention group will
receive bimonthly professional prophylaxis, twice daily chlorhexidine
rinses, and routine dental care. The control group will receive care on
an ideal recall regimen. The patients will be examined at entry, and at
six and twelve months. The primary outcomes will be four scales from the
RAND 36-item Health Survey. Secondary outcomes will include tooth
attachment loss, gingival index, CD4 counts, weight loss, and other
functional status and quality of life scales. In addition, the
incremental visit costs of care will be compared.
Effective start/end date2/1/941/31/00


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