• Koeller, David (PI)
  • Wenger, David (PI)
  • McCabe, Edward (PI)
  • Mc Cabe, Edward (PI)
  • Hambidge, K. Michael (PI)
  • Pfenninger, Karl (PI)
  • Pennington, Bruce (PI)
  • Fennington, Bruce (PI)
  • Frerman, Frank (PI)
  • Fennessey, Paul (PI)
  • Welch, Noreen (PI)
  • Crnic, Linda (PI)
  • Goodman, Stephen (PI)

Project: Research project

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The purpose of this grant is to provide "core" research and administrative
suppport to a Center for Research in Mental Retardation. The individual
programs within the Center are primarily oriented to biochemical genetics and to
nutrition in human development. Active research programs are established in
inborn errors of metabolism with special reference to glutaric aciduria, to
disorders of carbohydrate metabolism such as glycerol kinase deficiency, and in
enzyme characterization in the lysosomal storage diseases. The nutrition
programs are concerned with the role of trace metals, especially copper, zinc
and chromium, and with undernutrition and environmental deprivation in a number
of parameters of brain development. There are also active cytogenetic and
genetic linkage studies in progress as well as a training program in mental
retardation research.
Effective start/end date1/1/776/30/10


  • National Institutes of Health
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