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The long-term goal of this RCDA application is to enhance the P.I.'s
ability to study the kinesthetic control of targeted limb movements. Past
research in this area of motor control has been hampered by the following
problems: 1) current experimental techniques for stimulating kinesthetic
receptors during limb movement are limited, 2) chronic monkey paradigms for
investigating kinesthetic mechanisms at the neural level have been
underutilized, and 3) a conceptual framework for investigating putative
kinesthetic mechanisms does not exist. The research proposed in this RCDA
application will allow the P.I. to develop his research expertise so that
he can address these 3 problems. The specific aims of this RCDA application address the need for new
experimental methods and a conceptual framework for studying the
kinesthetic control of targeted limb movements. Specific Aim 1 addresses
the need to develop the technique of tendon vibration in humans so that
vibration can be used to elicit quantitatively predictable changes in
kinesthetic input. Specific Aim 2A addresses the need to use
electrophysiological techniques in awake, behaving monkeys to identify the
neural mechanisms underlying kinesthetic control. Specific Aims 2B, 3, and
4 will empirically test a conceptual framework in which the nervous system
uses kinesthetic input to initially set and then adjust 3 spatial/temporal
parameters of targeted limb movements: direction (2B), distance (3), and
timing (4). By developing these techniques and framework,, it will be possible to
answer important fundamental questions about the kinesthetic control of
targeted limb movements that were previously beyond reach. These answers
will also provide valuable insights into more applied problems of motor
control: in areas such as motor development and aging, motor disorders,
myoelectrical prostheses, and motor control by astronauts in outer space.
Effective start/end date2/15/9011/30/95


  • National Institutes of Health: $64,800.00


  • Medicine(all)


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