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    Improvement is needed in quality and efficiency of care delivered in ICUs.
    The proposed study is designed to improve Intensive Care Unit (ICU) care
    and decrease hospital costs . ICUs have been an integral part of the
    health system since the 1960s, but they are extremely expensive, consuming
    approximately 0.8% of the GNP. Collaborative interdisciplinary care has
    been proposed by national panels, providers, researchers, and
    accreditation agencies as vital for effective care. Collaboration may also
    influence efficiency. In a study of nurses' and resident physicians'
    assessment of collaboration in making the decision to transfer patients
    from a Medical ICU (MICU), nurses' reports of more collaboration were
    associated with lower patient risk of death or readmission to the MICU.
    Nurses' satisfaction with that decision making process predicted retention
    in their positions one year later. Decreasing both ICU readmission and
    nursing turnover should decrease costs and improve care. The specific aim of the proposed study is to replicate the earlier work in
    three different ICUs to assess the generalizability of findings and to
    examine cost effects. Questionnaires will be used to assess general
    amounts of health care providers' collaboration in practice. At the time
    of patient transfer the providers caring for the patient will be asked to
    assess amount of collaboration in making the transfer decision and
    satisfaction with the decision making process. Patients will be followed
    for mortality and ICU readmission. Costs will be measured. Severity of
    illness, a variable that influences outcome and may influence
    collaboration, will be assessed to control for its effect. Nurse retention
    will be measured for one year after study initiation. Relationships among
    collaboration, satisfaction, and providers' demographic variables,
    education, experience, and age, will also be examined. Based on the
    findings of this proposed study, future work is planned for an
    intervention to increase collaboration and an assessment of its effects.
    Effective start/end date6/1/945/31/97


    • National Institutes of Health: $271,182.00


    • Medicine(all)
    • Nursing(all)


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