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G proteins couple the receptors for a vast array of first messengers to
a variety of second messenger systems which generate diverse biological
effects. The study of these molecules in vivo has been limited to cell
culture systems and the description of pathological conditions which
alter the level or function of G proteins. A system does not currently
exist ni which the role of these molecules in complex biological
processes can be addressed in a systematic way. We intend to analyze
the role of G proteins in these processes in the fruit fly, Drosophila.
Preliminary studies have involved the characterization of the G proteins
present in the adult fly CNS and the isolation of cDNAs from fly head
libraries which code for proteins highly homologous to each of the main
classes of G protein a subunit expressed in vertebrates. We will extend
these studies by isolating and characterizing the genes coding for these
cDNAs to determine their potential for the production of alternate
transcripts. Antibodies will be generated to peptides specific for each
of the G alpha subunit protein to provide us with tools to examine the
distribution and expression of each protein during nervous system
development. We will attempt to determine the functional homology
between fly Gs alpha-like clones and the vertebrate equivalents by
assessing the ability of fly cDNAs for this protein to complement the
defect present in S49 cyc- cells. The maternal expression of several of
the fly G protein alpha subunits will be manipulated to assess the role
of these proteins in the early nervous system development. Using the
genetic tools available in Drosophila, we will attempt to isolate
mutations which abolish the expression of fly G alpha subunits. Such
mutations will be studied in their own right and provide us with
recipient strains in which to express G protein alpha subunit genes
which have been altered in vitro buy site specific mutagenesis and other
methods. Using the system we will establish, G proteins will be, for
the first time, subjected to study by a number of combined approaches in
vivo to determine the role they play in nervous system function and
Effective start/end date8/1/897/31/92


  • National Institutes of Health: $163,398.00


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  • Neuroscience(all)


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