• Morris, Cynthia (PI)
  • Roullet, Jean-Baptiste (PI)
  • Illingsworth, Roger (PI)
  • Hall, Jean (PI)
  • Ullman, Daniel (PI)
  • Hatton, Daniel (PI)
  • Young, Eric (PI)
  • Bukoski, Richard (PI)
  • Elzinga, Lawrence (PI)
  • McCarron, David (PI)

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Degenerative disorders of the cardiovascular system result in premature
morbidity and mortality in the elderly. Through the five components of the
CNRU (core laboratory facilities, pilot/feasibility projects, new
investigator training, professional and general educational programs, and
nutritional support services) , we will explore the relationship of diet
to disorders of the cardiovascular system and degenerative disorders of
the elderly that track with cardiovascular disease. Specifically, this
CNRU will focus on the impact of dietary intakes of calcium and lipids and
their metabolism on the occurrence and/or treatment of hypertension
(including alcohol-induced hypertension), hyperlipidemia, toxic
nephropathy, cataract formation, and type II diabetes. Utilizing the resources of four established research programs (two
dedicated solely to nutrition research) at the Oregon Health Sciences
University, we propose a five-year program of scientific investigation and
research training. This collaborative plan unites investigators from the
departments of Medicine (Nephrology; Endocrinology, Metabolism, and
Clinical Nutrition; Cardiology), Ophthalmology, Medical Psychology,
Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cell Biology, and Surgery who are committed to
clinical and basic science research related to common disorders in the
older population. Their particular expertise in calcium and lipid
metabolism will serve as the base for a multidisciplinary effort unique in
its objectives to explore the relationships among hypertension,
hyperlipidemia, cataracts, type II diabetes, and alcohol abuse in the
older population. The clinical studies include epidemiologic and
intervention studies; the basic investigations will utilize experimental
models, organ preparations, and cellular and subcellular techniques. Core facilities in biostatistics and nutrient assessment, hormone and
mineral metabolism, lipid metabolism, cell Ca2+, and vascular physiology
will serve to facilitate the proposed collaborative pilot projects, the
research training, and the investigative programs of the Nutrition Support
Service. The administrative core will coordinate these activities as well
as the nutrition education of students and health professionals, and will
sustain and expand established public information activities reflecting
the research focus of this CNRU.
Effective start/end date2/1/909/30/96


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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