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This proposal is to bring together workers in the areas of DNA
replication and mutagenesis for a combined meeting focusing on
the events of DNA replication which effect mutagenic events.
The area of DNA replication is rapidly advancing with increasing
definition of the proteins required for initiation and elongation.
At the same time, studies in mutagenesis are becoming defined at
the molecular level with accumulation of a large mass of data
with regard to the spectra of mutagenesis and the contributions of
the host cell to mutagenesis. Recent evidence from several
laboratories implicates specific replication events in mutagenesis
and recently developed techniques allow the analysis of large
numbers of transfecting or chromosomal mutations. It is the
intent of this meeting to open new contacts between
investigators. This meeting is not part of a continuing series, but
has been designed to satisfy a defined need. We anticipate that
the meeting will be attended by 200-250 outstanding individuals
from around the world. Poster sessions will provide an
opportunity for all investigators to present recent work in great
detail. Discussion leaders and speakers will be drawn from
outstanding members of the research community, but a distinct
effort will be made to include junior investigators and those with
recent striking findings in the formal presentations. Session
chairmen will be such outstanding scientists as Arthur Kornberg
(Stanford), Charles Richardson (Harvard Medical School), Thomas
Lindahl (ICRF, London), Paul Modrich (Duke University Medical
School), Harrison Echols (Berkeley), Jeffrey Miller (UCLA), and
Peter Herrlich (Karlsruhe). The sessions will cover: the basic
enzymology of DNA replication, including the components of the
replicative apparatus; DNA replication systems; including both
prokaryotic and eukaryotic studies; mechanisms of
misincorporation, including errors by the synthesis apparatus as
well as adduct formation; the genetic control of mutagenesis,
with particular attention to mismatch repair; DNA polymerase
functions in mutagenesis; damage-directed mutagenesis, with
attention to the spectrum seen in transfecting and chromosomal
genes; and induced mutagenesis, with updating on eukaryotic
systems. The impact of this meeting should have long term
affects on the research in the areas of DNA replication and
damage, DNA repair, mutagenesis, birth defects, toxicology, and
cellular regulation of gene expression.
Effective start/end date7/1/876/30/88


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)
  • Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology(all)


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