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Project: Research project

Project Details


The candidate is a veterinarian with training in laboratory animal
medicine, clinical and basic research laboratory animal medicine in 1990.
His long term objectives are to develop fully as an independent
investigator and to pursue a career in academic laboratory animal
medicine. He will accomplish these goals by achieving the following
specific aims. 1. Development of skills necessary for the study of viral
proteins and their role in pathogenesis and immunity. 2. Development of
skills in molecular biology necessary for the study of genetic material
of viruses. 3. Acquisition of expertise in clinical virology: isolation
and diagnosis. 4. Utilization of this expertise to begin evaluation of
Alcelaphine herpesvirus-1 (AHV-1) as an animal model for Epstein-Barr
virus (EBV) infection. Dr. Adams will address these aims in three phases. Work on aims 1 and 2
will be conducted in the first phase under the sponsorship of Dr. Lindsey
Hutt-Fletcher in the Department of Comparative and Experimental Pathology
at the University of Flordia (80% effort). Dr. Hutt-Fletcher maintains a
laboratory devoted to study of the molecular biology and
immunopathogenesis of EBV and related herpesviruses. The candidate will
also be associated with a strong academic laboratory animal medicine
training program (20% effort) directed by Dr. Alvin F. Moreland. In the
second phase (year 3) work will continue on aim 2 and will include work
on specific aim 3. It will be done at Zoological Society of San Diego in
the laboratory of Dr. Werner Heuschele, a world renowned authority on
AHV-1. Dr. Adams will then return to the University of Florida and in the
third and final phase of the award (years 4 and 5) will conduct
independent studies to evaluate AHV-1 as an animal model for EBV
infection. He will have an academic appointment in an environment which
fosters collaborative interactions between investigators in veterinary
and human medicine: his colleagues will be members of a faculty that is
well supported byfunds from NIH and other sources. The expectation is
that at the completion of this proposed training program Dr. Adams will
have established himself as a competitive, independent investigator, well
placed to pursue an academic career at the forefront of laboratory animal
Effective start/end date12/1/775/31/08


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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